After a narrow victory over the Horde at Blackrock Spire and the fall of Anduin Lothar, Turalyon was raised to Supreme Commander of the Alliance forces. When the Second War finally ended, he and his lover, Alleria Windrunner, led an expedition through the Dark Portal to the Orc homeworld, Draenor, leaving their infant son, Arator, behind. Unfortunately, they were unable to stop the shaman Ner’zhul from opening several portals, ripping the world apart. When the dust settled, Draenor was shattered and in its wake, only Outland remained. While a few had survived, Turalyon and Alleria had vanished completely.

Many years later, the demon Lord Kazzak reopened the Portal and Arator, now a Paladin, journeyed to Honor Hold in search of his parents, but he could find no sign. Eventually he was forced to accept that they were truly gone and he returned to Stormwind, where he pledged his sword to the Sons of Lothar, as his father had before him.

Following the death of Tirion Fordring, Arator became a Knight of the Silver Hand. It was with his brethren, in the Sanctum of Light, that he learned his parents had survived. For a thousand years they had led the Grand Army of the Light across endless worlds, in pursuit of the Burning Legion. Only now, at the end of days, did their spirits appear with a dire warning: The Legion returns to Azeroth once again and with it all hope will be lost.

Arator could not have known that he had a brother, Kallor, born in the fires of an eternal war. Turalyon had wished to keep his second son close, but Alleria, heartbroken at the loss of Arator, could not accept raising him surrounded by conflict and death. Secretly, she took him to the Legion world Niskara, in an attempt to find a path home to Azeroth. There, they were caught by the Inquisitors, a cruel race of psychic demons. After suffering years of brutal imprisonment, Alleria escaped, leaving her bow, Thas’dorah, and her son, behind.

After the Farstriders discovered where Alleria was imprisoned, her sister, Vereesa Windrunner traveled to Niskara in search of her, but Alleria was already gone. Vereesa found Thas’dorah and came achingly close to saving Kallor, but with the death of her comrade, Orestes, she left before learning her nephew even existed. The Inquisitors, however, deceived Kallor, convincing him that her departure was just another in a long line of betrayals.

Tortured and broken, Kallor found solace only in his growing hatred for all that he had lost. Abandoned by his parents, unknown to his people, lost without hope or home, a darkness began to take hold within him. He was alone in his anguish, except for the Bogstrok slaves tasked with his care. From his keepers he learnt their harsh tongue, Nerglish. Within the words, he found an ancient power, elemental and unstable. It burgeoned within him, finally allowing him to escape his captors. Fueled by a rage not entirely his own, he sought the portal he knew must be near.

Eventually, Kallor made his way to Azeroth, arriving within the depths of the Maelstrom, unknown to the protectors of the realm. There he began to plot his revenge on all those who had forsaken him. In his madness he accessed magics long forgotten, twisting the minds of the Murloc leaders and subjugating the tribes. After years of preparation, he had built an army of the creatures and stripped them of what little mercy they had left. All in readiness, he sent the swarm beneath the waves, to Stormwind and the vengeance he would claim.

Azeroth is under siege once more, but not by an army of the Undead, nor a Legion of Demons. This time the enemy was already at the shore. They came from the water, nergling and spitting. The Murloc tide has risen and we were not prepared.

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